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  • Installing Ubuntu in a school

    Through Premier Samedi, our regular monthly-based meeting, someone asked me a question about installing Ubuntu in a classroom. I’m going to describe the installation.

    The teacher have found some HP desktops, with 2GHz celeron processor, and 512 Mb of ram, quite decent computers for Ubuntu 10.04.

    First of …

  • Importing Ubuntu Font Family in LaTeX

    Along with the Ubuntu Community Theme, I’d added ubuntu font to my LaTeX installation. Just get the Ubuntu Fonts Family, from , unzip the file and then run

    autoinst --encoding=T1,OT1 --verbose Ubuntu-BI.ttf Ubuntu-B.ttf Ubuntu-I.ttf Ubuntu-R.ttfmkdir -p ~/.texlive2009/texmf-var/tex/latex/Ubuntu …

  • Community Ubuntu theme

    Some months ago, I was complaining about lack of a Community Ubuntu theme for beamer. While preparing a lesson I’m giving on the command line interface at the parisian Ubuntu Party, I’ve decided to hack a bit of some old beamer theme that were sitting in my home …

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