FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European

This year too, I’m attending FOSDEM. I’m a bit involved in something new : a common Ubuntu-be/Ubuntu-fr booth at FOSDEM. This have been a bit of planning since the 1st of Juanary, but I think every thing will go well.

Beside my Ubuntu-fr involvement, FOSDEM will be a great time to gather what are ongoing developement in FLOSS world.

I’m coming along with some friends, involved in differents community, and I’m looking forwar to meet again with those FrenchMoz guys and girls.

FOSDEM staff released a PDF version of their schedule. I’m planning to attend at least Why Political Liberty Depends on Software Freedom More Than Ever, Eben Moglen keynote and this year, the GPG keysigning with my 0x2E14CE70.

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